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"The branded email signatures from Emailee are top-notch! They add a professional touch to our communications effortlessly."



CMO - M6

"The branded email signatures provided by Emailee are fantastic, making a lasting impression on our clients."




CEO - La Chapelle

"Emailee has simplified our email signature management while delivering exceptional branding options and a professional image across all our email communications."




CEO - Powerin

"With Emailee, our email signatures now reflect our brand perfectly. Ensuring a consistent and professional look for our emails."




CEO - Jumbee

"I'm impressed by the quality of the branding offered by Emailee. The tool's simplicity makes it a joy to create and manage consistent signatures across our organization."




CPO - Job Season

the team

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Clara C.

Co-founder & COO

Her love of SAAS coupled with her unequivocal vision of design, has enabled her to create a system for creating branded signatures. Having already succeeded in developing a successful web agency, all that remains is to replicate the model on Emailee.

Cedric M.

Co-founder & CTO

As a web developer, Cédric draws on his solid technical expertise to combine skills and creativity to deliver a user-friendly platform. Always looking for new challenges, he finds innovative solutions to constantly improve the user experience. His passion for the web is evident in every line of code he writes.

Aurélia Z.

Co-founder & PM Growth

Product Manager with a growth hacker's heart. From her coding roots, she's evolved into a serial entrepreneur. She loves data-driven experiments, diving deep into CRO, and playing with AI and automation.
Our first hello is often an email, so let's make it unforgettable!

Samuel D.

Co-founder & CEO

Emailee is now the marketing reflect of what email signature should be. E-mails are our first way of communication, let's make them memorable!

Louis G.

Growth Hacker

What he loves is using new technologies to his advantage. He's passionate about new marketing methods, and so he joins Emailee's mission: to make electronic signatures an element of differentiation.

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