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Hubspot Generator vs. Exclaimer

Main features

1. Branding

Pre-made Templates


Remove background on pictures

Customized HTML

2. Marketing


EN - DE - ES - PT - FR - CN

FR - EN - IT - DE - NL

Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android)

Banners templates with CTA

Automatic signatures upload for collaborators

Analytics tool (CRO...)

Multiple signatures

3. Management

Bulk import (CSV...)

Preview (CRM)

Single signature modification

4. Integration

Google Workspace

Social medias

5.Other features

GIF Compatibility

Emails delivrability

6.Email client compatibility




Mail macOS / Apple


7.Mobile compatibility

Mail iOS

Gmail iOS

Outlook iOS


8.CRM sync

Zoho CRM











Data analysis

Google Analytics integration


Helping ressources

Chatbot support

Online FAQ

11.Partners reviews



5/5 - 1 review

Google reviews









G2 crowd


4.6/5 - 892 reviews



4.6/5 - 547 reviews


Annual commitment


Minimum subscription of 10 users (€8.5/month)

Pricing per user (First plan)


€0.85/month/agent (gradually reduced pricing based on volume)

Pricing per user (Premium plan)


1.6/month/agent (price reduction based on volume)

Signatures limits per account



Annual pricing for 100 users


85€ / mo

Freemium duration


14 days

Free plan

Type of plan

Email Signature Template Generator

Starter / Standard / Pro

Signature preview

Signature example

Email signature example for Letsignit
Email signature example for Exclaimer

with emailee it's easy

How Emailee makes it better than them

Preview of Emailee's dashboard with a branded email signature with a woooooow effect

A unique design for an experience that belongs to you

Emailee offers you a 100% personalized design

We have +10 000 personalized signature design. Here are the benefits:

  • True representation of your individuality

  • Combines aesthetic appeal with functionality

  • Ensuring every email you send leaves a lasting impression

Centralize your customer data with our integrated CRM

Massive importation

We believe that every customer interaction counts. With our CRM-integrated email signature service you can :

  • Unlock the full potential of your CRM system

  • Cultivate meaningful connections

  • Drive measurable business growth

Preview of Emailee's dashboard with a future feature of team members management
Preview of Emailee's dashboard with a future feature of Analytics

Track your performance in real time thanks to your CTA

With Emailee, success guarantees

We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary email signature solution that combines the power of a compelling call-to-action with in-depth click statistics. Our enhanced email signature empowers you to :

  • Engage your recipients

  • Gain valuable insights into their behavior

In fact, you  can unlock the potential of your email signature with our comprehensive solution that :

  • Combines powerful CTAs and click statistics

  • Engage your recipients

  • Gain actionable insights

  • Optimize your marketing campaigns for success. Moreoover we proceed with user segmentation to optimize your campaign.

A tool to increase your business

The advantages of a catchy signature

A catchy email signature is essential for visibility in the job market. It acts as a virtual business card, leaving a lasting impression on employers and clients. Including your name, job title, contact details, and relevant links boosts professionalism and sets you apart from competitors. Increase your visibility with a memorable signature.

Having an engaging email signature is of utmost importance when it comes to building your brand in the job market. It functions as a digital business card, leaving a lasting impression on potential employers and clients. By incorporating essential details such as your name, job title, contact information, and relevant links, you can establish a distinct and memorable brand identity. A well-crafted and eye-catching signature sets you apart from the competition, elevating your professional image.

An effective email signature plays a vital role in expanding your professional network. It acts as a digital introduction, leaving a memorable impression on potential connections. By including important details and relevant links, you can strengthen your personal brand and cultivate new opportunities. Utilize your signature to effectively grow and expand your network.

Example of an Email Signature integrated in Gmail

Best practice

Good to know

Here are some features that might help you join Emailee !

HTML et image
Compatibilité messagerie
Mentions légales
Réseaux sociaux
Prise en charge des GIF
Gestion des collaborateurs


They adopted it.
What about you?

"The branded email signatures from Emailee are top-notch! They add a professional touch to our communications effortlessly."



CMO - M6

"The branded email signatures provided by Emailee are fantastic, making a lasting impression on our clients."




CEO - La Chapelle

"Emailee has simplified our email signature management while delivering exceptional branding options and a professional image across all our email communications."




CEO - Powerin

"With Emailee, our email signatures now reflect our brand perfectly. Ensuring a consistent and professional look for our emails."




CEO - Jumbee

"I'm impressed by the quality of the branding offered by Emailee. The tool's simplicity makes it a joy to create and manage consistent signatures across our organization."




CPO - Job Season